I don’t exactly remember when I first came across the Project Management Triangle . But it left a huge impact on my psych as a developer.

Whenever I find myself battling to be on time (which happens quite often), the ghost of the triangle, plays scenarios in my mind. Can I push the date? Get more people? Do I really need to fix this defect?

I am not here to do a critique of the Project management Triangle . But just wondering- is there another way to be on time?  be able to do more within the same constraints ?

These are our endeavours- in particular order…


We are currently using ant. We decided to move to Maven style repository and since we (or I) love everything groovy, Gradle seemed to be a  natural choice. It may not be very obvious Continue reading »


There is a team which commits to 10 features but ends up delivering 11 features. In the next release cycle (Scrum practitioners: read sprint), the same team commits to 11 features and ends up delivering 12.

Now consider this…

Another (a very similar) team commits to 15 features and delivers 12. And in the next time release, commits to 18 and delivers 14.

Leaving all other factors aside – which of these two teams is performing  better ?

When you see these teams in isolation, it’s very easy to appreciate Team #1 but  Team#2 will appear as a continuously under-delivering team. But the perception changes, when you juxtapose the two teams and compare them – Team #2 stands out as the winner.

You get what you measure.If you measure commitment- that’s what you will get. If you measure productivity- you will get that instead. So my question to you is-

Do you value commitment more than productivity ?

I don’t…
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Everyone knows about Scrum-buts , but what about Scrum-nuts ?

Since I could not find any reference to this term on the first page of search results on Google , I am going to take the liberty of offering the first definition:

“Scrum-nut is a person- who is basically nuts about Scrum-  to an extent that he\she starts behaving like a nut.”

For a Scrum-nut,  Scrum is a religion- which needs to be practiced. Followed. And in some case fanatically.
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