So I finished my second book on Lean : Lean Software development An Agile Toolkit
(The first one was: Lean from the Trenches:Managing Large-Scale projects with Kanban  )

First the recommendation. Absolutely loved it.   4.5/5

The books gives with a decent history of Lean and throughout relates to the amazing success story of TPS ( Toyota Production System) and other  stories from various industries and organizations. The authors present 7 Lean principles as how they are relevant in Software development. Each principle is discussed in detail along with tools on how to apply those principles to Agile Practices. For me – the biggest takeaway was- that you cant  (or shouldn’t try to) bring in practices from Toyota or for that matter from any other organization and even another department in your company. It’s the principles that you should be looking for. The problem is- when you examine other organizations- what is obvious are the practices they follow. It takes a deliberate effort to lift the covers and understand and appreciate the principle behind those practices.

Google has the much coveted 20% time- where they allow developers to spend 20 % of their time on anything they wish to pursue. Any organization who blindly adopts the process- will not be successful – unless you appreciate and adopt the principle behind the process.
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I don’t exactly remember when I first came across the Project Management Triangle . But it left a huge impact on my psych as a developer.

Whenever I find myself battling to be on time (which happens quite often), the ghost of the triangle, plays scenarios in my mind. Can I push the date? Get more people? Do I really need to fix this defect?

I am not here to do a critique of the Project management Triangle . But just wondering- is there another way to be on time?  be able to do more within the same constraints ?

These are our endeavours- in particular order…


We are currently using ant. We decided to move to Maven style repository and since we (or I) love everything groovy, Gradle seemed to be a  natural choice. It may not be very obvious Continue reading »

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