I came across DBDeploy when I attended a tutorial on Continuous  Delivery by Jez Humble and Martin Fowler at QCon.

I immediately liked it ! I had been working on designing something very similar for our deployments at work. It had all I needed and probably more.

I have also been working on Grails for quite sometime and though I have used many plugins , had never coded one. And this seemed to be a good opportunity to write a plugin.

So here it is…(My first open source contribution ;) )


This basically grail-izes DBDeploy for you.

To install the plugin- use this command

grails install-plugin dbdeploy

For more on the plugin  see- http://code.google.com/p/dbdeploy4grails/w/list

Go ahead and give it a spin and let me know what you think .


When it comes to OpenId, Yahoo has some real trust issues. Getting Yahoo to work with OpenId wasn’t  difficult at all. But when I signed-in to Yahoo from my website , this is the message that greeted me

Warning: Yahoo! cannot verify this website. We recommend you do not share any personal information with this website.

For a second, I was scared to signin to my own website !!!

So far, I have tested OpenId with Google, Yahoo, and MyopenId – this is the only provider I have found which is so touchy. (If this is for a good reason, then why don’t others care as well ???)

Anyway- this is how I fixed this…

Basically, you need to provide an XRD document to the OpenId provider. This blog post is an excellent read on this -


Another good resource I found was http://wilkinsonlab.ca/home/node/31

These two resources cover it all, but in case you are looking for grails or Acegi specific advice- following might help.
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The context

I am using Google App Engine using the  Grails AppEngine plugin . The default port is 8080, but I needed to run it on a different port.

It was easy to figure out that Google App Engine supports running the development server on any configured port. But it took me some time to realize that the  Grails AppEngine plugin that I am using doesn’t.

The fix:

Modify the \plugins\app-engine-0.8.5\scripts\AppEngine.groovy.

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