So this evening – I brought down my own site.

In the WordPress dashboard>Settings > I changed the site URL and the blog URL for my site.The new URL I entered innocently- wasn’t all bad- it was minus the redirection I have configured from my site.

And that’s it !!! The whole site went kaput ! I would get a 404 – no mater what I tried to access.

Since I was unable to access- anything on my site- including the WordPress dashboard- I knew had to fix it in the database directly.
It wasn’t too difficult to figure out how to get to my MYSQL – database.
A quick search using the php-driven SQL panel offered by my hosting service found the rogue URL squatting silently in the database.

The name of the table was wp_options under the database used by WP- in my case <hostname>_wrdp
From there point onward- it was quite easy to get it going.

So here we are – once again- alive and kicking.Phew !

Closing thought…
It wasn’t too bad for me to recover form this- and admittedly it was my fault that I messed it up in the first place.
But I think WP should offer some sort of warning as to what could be the ramifications of such a change.


What else could be a programmer’s first blog ?

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