Last week , couple of people- in different context asked me effectively the same question- what is agile ?.

At one point- I used the analogy of Six blind men and an elephant to answer the question. I hadn’t thought of this analogy till I presented it. But the idea stuck to my mind and I thought- it may be a fun to blog it out.

First the sidebar…

Six blind men and an elephant is a fable from the Indian-subcontinent about six blind men who came across an elephant . They all touch different parts of the elephant to figure out what it is. Each man having touched a different part, drew a different conclusion . The man who touched the trunk- thought it was a snake. The one who touched the tail- thought it was a rope. The one who touched the legs felt it was a tree trunk and so on…

So here goes
Six blind men came across Agile and this is what they said…

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Like last year, here is a reflection on what I did last year and looking forward to the next.
(in no particular order)

Wrote 6 blog posts.

Read a book on lean.Very nice read. Would recommend anyone wanting to know more about Lean

Attended Lean startup conference simulcast  It was a day well spent. The more I read and learn about lean, more fascinated I am.

Participated in startup weekend. It was a blast. Got my adrenaline running like hasn’t happened in many years. Will absolutely do it again.

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