Recently – I had the opportunity of presenting at SQGNE at their monthly meeting.

The title of my talk was  From waterfall to rapids. Transitioning to Agile – an experience report

You can see the slides or as PDF

The abstract :

Every organization that transitions to Agile has its own story to tell. No two stories are alike. What worked for one would hardly bring
the exact same results for another. However- there is a huge opportunity to understand how others have done something similar and learn from their experiences. At Perceptive Informatics, we started the transition to Agile about 4 years ago. When we started, we had a very traditional waterfall practice and mindset. Fast forward to today – we have global scrum teams spanning three geographical locations. In the past few years, we have achieved cohesive self-organized teams, many-fold increase in automation coverage, content delivery, BDD, XP. But it didn’t come in easy. It came with hard work, dead-ends, compromises and lots of tears. This presentation is an experience report- that answers the questions:

* Why we adopted Agile?
* How we did it ?
* and what did we achieve or miss?
The target audience for this presentation is anyone who is interested in the transitional challenges of an organization including those who have yet to start the transformation as well as those who have already started on the journey.

A presentation is as good as its audience. The audience was very much hungry for information. Engaged. And had a spew of excellent questions. As a speaker, it is a very satisfying to witness a spark of interest in the group you are presenting to. I watched them engage not only with me , but among themselves too. Some conversations carried over to the parking lot and some people are still emailing me with thoughts and questions. Not to over-dramatize this – but this is how changes happen.

For  those who attended the presentation and were unable to ask me a question or if  I was unable to spend time with you or otherwise you have a question\comment  for me – please feel free to contact me (you can see bunch of options on my website or simply post as a question here . I will be happy to carry forward the conversation.


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