Last night, I gave a presentation at the Greater Boston Selenium User Group. The title of my presentation was “def test = new BDDMadeEasy(Selenium,EasyB,Groovy)“.

It was fun . Enjoyed interacting with fellow Selenium enthusiasts. Excellent questions.  Hopefully got some people excited to give BDD a try.

You can view the slides at slideshare.

And you can also download the sample code that I wrote\showed along with my presentation from here.

And some links to reading material on BDD\Selenium.

If you attended the meeting , and have more specific questions- please leave a comment or you can find many ways to contact me via my website or leave a message and I will email you back.

And oh yes-  Thanks Ashish, glad you found it useful .


In no particular order- following is a recap of things that I did last year and things that I am looking forward to doing next year.

Last year:2011…

Wrote 4 blog posts  “Advice from my son” and “Deadlock between JVM and database” and “Why I think commitment is overrated” and “Scrum nut” . Some inspired controversies at work <grin/> and some got me high-fives.

Attended 1 conference- NFJS. Had planned to go to Qcon as well. But sadly – that didn’t happen.

Completed Competent communicator manual at Toastmasters !

Presented at NEJUG. My talk was based upon StranglerApplication-  an architectural strategy we have adopted at work.

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