Let me put it this way – the day did not go very smoothly at work. Anyways, Steve and I managed to close the day with couple of laughs and I headed back home close to 8:00 PM.

I was determined to make the best of what remained of the evening and thought Kung-fu Panda 2 may be a good way of bringing  closure to the day.

Reached home. Picked up my 8 year old son (R) and drove down to a Redbox kiosk. As we were getting in the car, on an impulse, I talked to him about what happened at work.  This is how our exchange went.

Me: “R, I need to discuss a work problem. Do you think you can give me some advice ?”

R:“Sure !!!”

Me: ” Today we had a release”

R: “You mean an early release? like when my school closes early sometimes?”

Me: “Not really. We were releasing a new version of our software.”

R: “Oh”

Me: “We ran into problems. We found couple of defects during testing.”

R:“Oh. So you have tests like I do at school ?”

Me: “Yes we do. These defects were actually from the project we completed couple of months ago. We made mistakes then. But didn’t realize that until now. Because of those defects, we were unable to release today.Now I am feeling bad, because I was unable to complete what I said I would complete today.”

R: “Hmmm . So you want my advice on this ?”

Me: “Yes please.”

R: “What you need is a time-machine. You can then go back in time just before you made the mistake. Tell your old self about it, so that he will do it correctly .Boom! Then you get back to present and everything will be alright”

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