Let me put it this way – the day did not go very smoothly at work. Anyways, Steve and I managed to close the day with couple of laughs and I headed back home close to 8:00 PM.

I was determined to make the best of what remained of the evening and thought Kung-fu Panda 2 may be a good way of bringing  closure to the day.

Reached home. Picked up my 8 year old son (R) and drove down to a Redbox kiosk. As we were getting in the car, on an impulse, I talked to him about what happened at work.  This is how our exchange went.

Me: ”R, I need to discuss a work problem. Do you think you can give me some advice ?”

R:“Sure !!!”

Me: ” Today we had a release”

R: “You mean an early release? like when my school closes early sometimes?”

Me: “Not really. We were releasing a new version of our software.”

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