This is my third in series of “reporting”  from Qcon. My earlier posts are here and here.
In this post, I will briefly talk about few Design and Architectural strategies that I came across at Qcon. Some of these were new to me and others I have used\known in some form or other for sometime, but it was good to hear about them as established patterns.
Here goes…

Feature toggle
This is a common problem in Scrum, but I am sure other methodologies can find a spot for this as well. You have two or more features under development – with all code being checked into Trunk (Branches are evil- remember ?) One of the feature reaches the finish line first and is now ready for prime time. The other one is still in progress. How do you now release one feature alone from a trunk which has both features ? One (non-)solution would be to work on feature branches or roll back changes for one feature later on. One of this is ugly and the other is insane.
Consider Feature Toggle.
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I came across DBDeploy when I attended a tutorial on Continuous  Delivery by Jez Humble and Martin Fowler at QCon.

I immediately liked it ! I had been working on designing something very similar for our deployments at work. It had all I needed and probably more.

I have also been working on Grails for quite sometime and though I have used many plugins , had never coded one. And this seemed to be a good opportunity to write a plugin.

So here it is…(My first open source contribution ;) )

This basically grail-izes DBDeploy for you.

To install the plugin- use this command

grails install-plugin dbdeploy

For more on the plugin  see-

Go ahead and give it a spin and let me know what you think .

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