When it comes to OpenId, Yahoo has some real trust issues. Getting Yahoo to work with OpenId wasn’t  difficult at all. But when I signed-in to Yahoo from my website , this is the message that greeted me

Warning: Yahoo! cannot verify this website. We recommend you do not share any personal information with this website.

For a second, I was scared to signin to my own website !!!

So far, I have tested OpenId with Google, Yahoo, and MyopenId – this is the only provider I have found which is so touchy. (If this is for a good reason, then why don’t others care as well ???)

Anyway- this is how I fixed this…

Basically, you need to provide an XRD document to the OpenId provider. This blog post is an excellent read on this -


Another good resource I found was http://wilkinsonlab.ca/home/node/31

These two resources cover it all, but in case you are looking for grails or Acegi specific advice- following might help.
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