The most fundamental principle behind Agile is to make software in an iterative fashion. What this means is – in every iteration, you add some more business value (read features) to the product. This works smoothly only if you are committed to only “moving forward” i.e. you never break existing features- even if you have to refactor (which is actually strongly encouraged).

Achieving this level of sophistication isn’t easy. It comes with a strict discipline.  To be able to concentrate on the future, you need to be sure that your past is secure. In other words, as a developer, I should have to worry about only what I did today , without worrying about the impact on what I did yesterday.

This is where a good set of automated unit test cases come in. They help you to make sure that your code is well guarded,  detect breakages in time  and help you prevent broken windows.

It’s like going to a battlefield with armor. You definitely don’t want to go to a battle without protection (unless maybe you are Chuck Norris ;) ).

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These are the few user groups that I go to or keep track of regularly to see if they are discussing a topic that is of specific interest to me.


New England Java User group. It has been there almost for ever. They have some excellent speaker line up and its a very active user group. If you are new to Java or a veteran- you will always find something useful here.

Grails User group

Boston area Grails User Group. This is the only grails groovy user group I found in and around Boston. Haven’t attended any of their meetings yet , but seems to be fairly active group.


Boston Area Scala enthusiasts. This group was started by my friend Nermin and couple more Scala enthusiasts. They have had only couple of meetings so far- but the group is well….quite enthusiastic . At this point they do not have scheduled meetings on a particular day of a particular week. But I am sure they will get there soon. Currently, they meet once a month in Cambridge at Google office.

Agile Boston

This is perhaps the biggest Agile user group n the Boston area – very active . They also hosted a major event recently ,featuring speakers Jeff Sutherland , Ken Schwaber and Amr Elssamadisy , Sanjiv Augustine and Dan Mezick.
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