Few weeks ago, I was talking to Jon about how the Agile adoption has been working for us.

One of the things I talked to him that day was – my observation that the developers were scrambling to get the development done during the beginning of the sprint and then it was la-la land towards the end.  And it was opposite for the testers. I found them not to be so busy during the begining of the sprint and then rushing to get it done by the end of the sprint.

To explain a bit more, the model we have right now is- The developer completes a story and then throw it over the wall to the tester who then tests it and during that time, the developer codes the next story. So obviously by the time the tester is testing the last story, the developer has little to do- maybe complete some documents and such . This is quite better then before when we had the QA team testing the delivery made by the developers in the previous sprint. But this still didn’t quite sound right…

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Do you want to understand User stories ? You can’t go wrong with User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development by Mike Cohn .

As of this writing, out of the 45 people who reviewed this book on Amazon, 35 people have given it 5 stars and 9 have given it 4 stars. And I would say those 35 reviewers are spot on.

In my organization, we started going Agile few months ago and in the process, we started writing Stories . And this is the part where I have struggled the most. And now I am feeling so much better having read this book.  I am sure there will be many who agree with me that writing good stories is an art not very widely understood.

And this is where Mike comes in. Like someone commented on Amazon review-

This is the Bible for User Stories !!!

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Do your users a favor . Use OpenId in your website, rather than having them to create yet another user account.

I haven’t ready any statistics around this, but if I am the so called average user – I guess, I am 75% less likely to register for your website , even if that comes at the cost of having to do without your services.

How I got it working

Getting OpenId to work with Grails wasn’t bad at all.

I used the Acegi security plugin for this – it seems to be the de-facto choice (, at least at the time of this writing).

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