Quite intrigued with all the social platforms out there- I decided to take one for a ride.
It wasn’t too difficult to settle on Facebook.

For two reason- I use it myself and I think it is one of the most popular social platform there.

My first disappointment was that there is no official java client library, though there does exist for PhP. So I settled for an unofficial version- http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/Java.
Not a big deal, but still….
(Come on ! Java is still the most popular application for web- right ??)

Moving on- it was pretty smooth and I was able to get some sample programs running quite easily.
But then came the washout…

I created an application foo.It had a defect and when Facebook encountered the problem, It prompted with a standard error message declaring there is a problem with the application and offered a link to access the application’s home page and contact the author
But the problem was

The link was NOT to my application but a similar sounding application- phoo !!!
And the link to contact the author was not me- but the developer who had made that application !

I cant imagine what kind of problem does the Facebook architecture have that it mistook my application with another- just because it sounds similar ???

What can I say … I wouldn’t expect a computer science sophomore student to make such a mistake.
If they got something so obvious wrong- what else could they be mixing up?
Would they ever miss me up with my neighbor?The thought sends a shudder down my spine!

Anyway- I haven’t given up on Facebook – not yet.
I think it (and other social platform APIs) has a great potential ahead.

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