Today I bid farewell to  Windows Vista. And hello Ubuntu !!!

Well not exactly… I still have Vista as a dual- boot option.But I don’t see myself logging in to Vista any time soon.

For some reason the CD I created after downloading it from Ubuntu downloads site – didn’t work.So crazy as it sounds- I requested a CD to be snail-mailed to me.

It came soon- even though they warned me that it could be ‘months’ before I get it.

I decided not to wipe out Vista and installed Ubuntu on ‘top of’ the Windows.

The installation was quite smooth. I used the instructions posted here

My first reaction after I booted into ubuntu was- Cool !!!  This is fast !!!

My wife was not so impressed though she was relieved that her favourite application i.e. (not Internet Explorer) Firefox works

But when I showed her how to get to Sudoku from Applications>Games – she was actually pleased ;)

I spent rest of the day installing my suite of applications and tools- Apache, Tomcat, Php, MySql , Java, Groovy ,Grails,Spring,Hibernate,Eclipse,ant

Most of the applications – I was able to install from the System>Administration>Synaptic Package manager

(One piece of advice- when in Synaptic package manager- do not use quick search to search for  applications- use the Search button instead.)

All in all – it was a smooth and a very satisfying experience.

Sorry Amit- I know you love windows. But sometimes  you gotta shut the window and open the door to get the fresh air in :)

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